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Which amber beads are best for teething?

Posted by Mert Byrm on

Baltic Amber

Which amber beads are best for teething?  

 One of the most frequently asked questions about amber necklaces and amber bracelets is which amber necklace or amber bracelets should I choose?.. We have prepared an article to make your selection of amber types easier. There are a few things to consider when choosing an amber necklace. The first is the amber surface and the second is the color. In this article, we will talk about the surface which is one of the factors affecting the properties of amber stone. There are two main surfaces for a real Amber necklace. These are matte and polished surfaces. 

Matte Baltic Amber Necklace? 

Amber stone is an organic stone formed by hardening of pine resin over millions of years. When it is found in nature, its surface is rough and pointed in line with the formation of pine resin. In order to be used as amber jewelry, first of all the roughness and sharp areas on the surfaces of amber stones are cleaned, drilled and turned into pendants. Our matte necklaces are unpolished models. It differs in appearance from bright models. 

Polished Baltic Amber Necklace? 

In the polished amber stone, beads whose sharp areas were cleaned were polished. Certainly, the most beautiful looks are these types of necklaces. Bright models are the most preferred Amber Necklace and Amber Bracelet models. Our recommendation is to make your decision about the surfaces and make your amber necklace color choice. We have many different baltic drop amber models in amber color. All of our colors have the same feature and we would appreciate it if you could choose the color you like. 


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