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Baby Toddler Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet Anklet

Safe and Natural Teething Relief - Amber contains succinic acid, a mild pain reliever and anti-inflammatory that helps babies with teething pain. Reduces drooling and fussiness and the need for teething tablets.

It is recommended that babies start to use during teething period (around 4 -5 months)! Since the immunity in the teething period is also partially decreased; the amplification of amber is also activated. Thus, your baby is protected against possible infections. The most important feature of amber is that it eliminates ‘pain’. The tooth presses your baby's gum to come out, causing pain. Amber, taking this pain and relaxes your baby's gums (most of the time, even without the need to put a gel to look at the teeth) As well as ear pain. So your baby does not constantly wander.